The antidote to boring and sleazy Marketing for the disobedient and kind-hearted small businesses.

Hello! I am Neha.

If we met in real life, we’d not exchange pleasantries for more than a second, you will suddenly get a shock through your spine from my a tight hug, like you were never a stranger. And I’d invite you to my favourite quirky cafe hidden in small alleyway or tucked in the lush greens in an art gallery somewhere. We’d sip our coffee from the big jars, order almond crossiants non-stop and talk all business, arts, marketing and what makes people tick.

But since we are meeting here in the virtual land, you can stretch your imagination and pretend it all to be true. You can add some red wine to the list as well. Why not!

Hello! It’s so nice to have you here.

Most small business owners scrunch their brows and start having seizures at the mention of the word Marketing, and avoid it for…..a long time. Until they realise they can’t afford to. They avoid it because they don’t understand it. Marketing can be confusing and can cause temporary brain damage (just joking!).

It’s usually because some guroos’ make it so complicated and try selling you a fancy system  and a false dream of becoming a millionaire in an instant or get crammed with free time, millions of dollars, a reputation that just keeps getting bigger daily, all while working from a beach somewhere in your swimmers. In 3 days.  (It’s not a movie, guys.)

That makes you feel even more lost, doubt yourself more, spin in confusion and spend most of your precious time feeling overwhelmed.

When you understand how your customers’ brain work, how they make buying decisions, and why they pull away seconds before they were about to hit the buy button and how you can make it work for your business – it becomes less intimidating and more fun.

So I created Brain Glider.  

Brain Glider is a soulful and brain-science based Marketing and Creative Business coaching service, which is a result of my quest to reject the complicated hype and hysteria around Marketing small businesses and make Marketing simple and fun.

You ready?


Why people are not buying what you are selling?

If you are selling a 100% cotton cushion cover. You are selling the wrong thing.  If you are selling a handmade candle made from pure wax. You are selling the wrong thing. If you are selling a handpainted silk scarf. You are selling the wrong thing.  If you are...

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Get to know me better so you never have to ask before taking anything out of my fridge. 

Right now I could be sniffing out for a quaint cafe serving good coffee and almond croissant. Photographing a random stranger on the street. Cooking a chickpea curry. And feeling very scared of living life like most people do that is humdrum.

I hate spam more than losing out on eating ice cream on a bloody hot day. I will use this email address to send you useful information, some awesome curry recipes, free stock photos and other marketing material from time to time. 

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