I help Wellness Experts and Holistic Practitioners to get more clients with Instagram, without losing their humanity

(or sanity)


Do you want to create an emotional appeal in your business that makes your potential customers fall in love without ever knowing why?

Do you want to understand how to lead your customer on Instagram to buy your services? (Because it never happens by chance.) 

Do you understand why customers seem keen to buy, but then back away at the last minute?


You are an expert in your field, and trying to work out the Marketing thing or haphazardly trying to cobble a plan together- which hasn’t got you anywhere. You don’t think that you are a ‘natural marketer’ and feel like you are just shouting into the void in the big world of online business. 

May be, you have been sitting on your website hoping for a sale, you have been trying to work out Instagram thing for some time now. How to attract followers, get them to like you when there are thousands of people doing the same thing. 

You may get sweaty palms every time you think about ‘marketing’ your business before the anxiety attack hits you, and you find yourself looking for a piece of cake in the fridge – because you don’t know how can you get them to see your expertise, see your good soul and hire you? 

Right now, your Instagram, and your marketing may be  a mish mash of things because you are marketing without a clue.  Or worse – taking your 19 year old son’s girlfriend who tells what to do, quickly type something up and put up on Instagram. 

You feel lost, disillusioned and inundated by contradicting advice on how to make your business work and get clients.  

And all of this only leaves you thinking like creating success online is completely out of your control.

I am here to help. 

Instagram Marketing is not about posting the prettiest picture (worse! a photo you saved from our god – Google without crediting) on social media, or sharing the most inspirational quote – you have to understand how to tell your story visually and verbally – so that you connect and deeply resonate with your people.


It’s about speaking to your customers’ unspoken desires, problems on their minds – and then leading them on a path to solve the problem and delight them.  


But how do you do it in a way that’s feels good and is also smart? 


I help you do just that.

What clients say  

I'm a word person: Neha's Insta feed is so beautiful, I wondered how achievable fantastic branded pictures would be for me in the 'real world', but Neha showed me how achievable this is with only a little planning. If you love Neha's gorgeous Instagram feed and her slow marketing philosophies, this workshop is just the tip of the iceberg: but it's a value-packed tip with enough to make me walk about feeling confident about Visual Storytelling. No more blundering through Instagram for me!

Jennifer Zeven, Copywriter and Author

At first I was hesitant to get a ticket to the Instagram workshop because I found Instagram daunting and didn’t enjoy even the thought of using it. Neha, not only delivered the information really well but the passion she has in her for Instagram felt contagious and I was able to start looking at it in a more positive light. Putting a plan, strategy and intention into your posts was of huge value. I definitely recommend it to any one who wants to improve their Instagram skills and get more clarity

Sophie Nash, Massage Centre Owner

At first, I was hesitant, because there were numerous workshops on similar topics available. This has been an amazing workshop that has benefitted me a lot. I have found ‘Neha’ very inspirational and someone know is so genuine and dives deep in the topic. What she taught, how she contributed and what she demonstrated was a pleasant surprise to me! She is an authentic Business Strategist, who deeply understands consumer psychology. I would like to recommend more people to join her and get results from her strategic ideas combining psychology and storytelling. I learned so much on applying it to a business, and also took away so many ideas on how to promote business in a unique and most authentic way.

Minran Pan, Marketing Expert

some helpful tips on marketing, storytelling, Instagram and business. 

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What I believe in 

— Emotional storytelling 

— Leading with value 

— Soulful approach + Smart strategy

— Living on your own terms

— Genuine care of your clients

— Kindness & Empathy


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Not sure what to post on Instagram?


'Insta-Karma' Artisan Pack: Download FREE 30 Captions and 30 Minimalistic Images for Wellness Experts.